Should go for IS, Applied Computing or Software engineer?


I want to do a degree in the IT sector but i don't know which one is better. Ive the choice between 2 universities, 1 i can only get IS(information systems) or Applied and the other one i can get all of them but for a higher price and its very far from my location. I want to be a programmer and i dont know if i can become one with IS and Applied. Can you guys help me out? Thank you.


Hi k3shjhoomuck welcome to the forum

Does your school have a guidance counselor? Have you spoken with them?

I doubt anyone here will know your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, limitations, etc. as well as the counselor will. Don't be hesitant to talk with them. That's their job, that's what they are there for.


Nope no counselor :l i just wanna know if you can become a programmer with these degrees ive mentioned.


No counselor? Where are you located if you don't mind my asking?




Ah, I admit that other than knowing where it is, I'm ignorant about most else there let alone it's educational system. Here in Massachusetts we have guidance counselors available for 6 years before even getting to the time for advanced education.

I guess you're pretty much on your own for evaluating the direction your life should take. It is something you should do the most objectively honest as you can. There is a lot for you to consider.

One thing is finances. Many here pay for their education by going into long term debt. Holding a job while attending classes is possible, but can be exhausting unless done part_time / full_time and part-time / part-time can delay your entry into the work force. On top of educational expenses, there's living expenses. If you can live with relatives, friends, roommates it can help, but might be distracting.

I think your primarily interested in employability. You should request syllabi from the schools you're considering and try to get a current newspaper from where they are located. The syllabi will give you an idea of what the major will prepare you for and the paper can give you an idea of rental prices and job opportunities in the area.

Then you should consider where you will want to work after you graduate. Are you willing to relocate to anywhere and make new friends? Do you want to live in your home town near family and friends?


If you want to make a career as programmer, I would suggest you to choose computer science stream (software engineering) because it covers all the basic information of Information system and IT as well and specialises in software developing and back end programming.


The fees are actually cheap every IT related course are about $2300 over 3years fulltime. The expensive one is about $5500. I live with my mom and dad in our owned house,ive no expenses. Im currrently working at LG in my country to make some money and get some work experiences until i get the university response. Ive the money to cover all the expenses. Ive my own plot of land(dad gave me) and i do plan of building a new house there once ive the money things are quite expensive here and my dad paid about $100k for this so i cant leave it. Im not planning of moving out of the country. Ive checked several jobs such as IT managers, programmers(web and apps etc) and the y only mentioned a degree in IT beside work experience its not specific to cs.


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