Should all sides of a card have equal padding?

Hi there,

I am putting together a design for some cards. I have added 30px on all sides, but when I have text in, it looks a it squashed at the bottom.

These are some examples:

The right has equal padding all the way around and the left one has 60px at the bottom.

I think the left looks clearer.

Should I be adding more on the bottom or not? The text will be a paragraph so it would have a bottom margin which would add some spacing, but should I be removing this margin anyway if there isn’t another paragraph underneath?


It looks like it’s got equal padding on all sides to me! :lol:

It’s really a personal matter, but I would say the extra padding at the bottom appeals to me. White space is often overlooked in design. Of course, you don’t have to use double the amount. Maybe 45px bottom would suit too.


As @Gandalf says, it does look good. You could try to set padding to auto and see how it looks. If you don’t like it change it back.

Thanks. I think I prefer the bottom with more padding too :slight_smile:

If I add more padding to the bottom of the cards in this section, should I apply this to other sections, for example adding more to the white box on the right, or should this have equal padding?

I don’t think you can do

padding: auto;

Yea I don’t see that option. Shucks, thought you could do that, even if it’s not listed.

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