Should a Content Creator Take Care of Information Architecture?

Hello all,

I’m a newbie in a content creation field. In my company, I got a mission to prepare for a content for a ‘Inviting translators’ page. He who gave me it said that it’s better to think about Information Architecture of the website as a hint. I know what IA means. But I don’t know the relation between content creation and IA and how I can use IA in the process.

So, this is my simple question. Should a content creator take care of information architecture? When should she do?

Thank you so much for your advice in advance!
Have a nice weekend! :smile:

I’d say the Information Architecture should already be in place for the content author to use as they see fit.

As an example, if articles could be tagged the author doesn’t need to create the tagging system all they would need is a content field that allows them to apply tags as needed for the article.

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