Shortlist problems- sending to form

Hi All! For some reason lately my shortlist on my website is ‘glitchy’ and we think it was a conflict with the ‘cookie consent’ plugin, however, it now looks to be more than this and I am tearing my hair out trying to fix it because it looks different each time on different browsers and to different people!

My site is at

Basically clients e-mail me using the short list and they say ‘I don’t want this band I want the other one but it keeps adding the wrong one to the shortlist’.

The shortlist function (when you add a band) seems to do what it pleases and it is idiosyncratic at best!
I don’t want to stop clients coming to be and I think this is creating a big problem.

Does anyone know what is happening? I’ve looked at the code but it is the same as it always was- it was working perfectly fine before.

The most recent plugins I’ve added are NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster and WP etc.

Thanks in advance!

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