Shortcut for opening programs on a mac (mail)

Hey everyone,

I have been working on a mac for quite some time now and I am increasingly busy speeding up processes (including answering emails) and archiving them. One of the ways is to make mails shorter than I do now. Another is the archiving of mail via a hotkey (it appears that a hotkey depends on the language, so the Dutch shortcut had to guess).

Now I want to open programs (like mac mail), with a shortcut, since I often feel like using my mouse takes more time than using my keyboard (especially since as a programmer I can type fairly quickly, haha :smile: )

How can I open a program with a hotkey? (I could not really find it)

Seems to say it’s not possible? Though i’m sure the answer is probably ‘there’s an app for that’

Yes, I have already seen that is is possible to set hotkeys in a programs itself. But not how to open it