Shopping Forum List

I want some forum list related to shopping. Can anyone help me? :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate?

Your question could mean several different things.

You might need to hit the search page on Google and type in those words.
I’m sure you’ll find a lot of them. :slight_smile:

What type of shopping forum you want? Clothes, jewelry, shoes, toys, etc.? There are many.

Agreed, there are too many products. How can we identify about which shopping product are you talking?

Please explain us so that we could try to help you atleast. :slight_smile:

Sir I am in search of some(atleast one or two) shopping forums site, I have Google It but couldn’t some good names. Can you please help me.

My focus is on clothes and home decoration products, can you all help me; hope I am clear now, looking for urls.

Apologies if this comes across as rude, but it’s not really our job to provide a full list for you, especially if your intention is to join these forums and spam links. Besides, we cannot allow in good faith another user to provide you with a list of businesses to spam.

There have been literally hundreds of posts on this forum over many years that state that forum posting does absolutely nothing to help with SEO. One of the reasons these forums are so popular is because numerous SEO types that have spammed their way to previous success are now itching for a way to get their rankings back after the latest major Google algorithm changes have dropped their sites into obscurity.

If you can’t find them by searching the odds are others won’t find them either. So they won’t do you much good will they?
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