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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a new member to Sitepoint. In the next few weeks or so I am hoping to put a shopping cart on my website.

Can anyone please inform me of the best company to sign up with.

I am looking for a shopping cart company that is honest and has a good reputation.

Thanks for your help.

…just keep in mind that shopping-cart-reviews is an “affiliate” site. It might have a bias because of this…:wink:

I can advise a company specializing on Zen Cart shopping cart:
zen-cart-power. They are good at installation, configuration, design and have ready-to-use solutions and work fast.
and their demo stores available:

Thank you!

I think that it is the best way to get reputed ecommerce provider.

Also, testimonials and reviews on such sites as HotScripts, cNet, are very important.

Hello Jennifer,

Good to see you here. I suggest you first to be clear with your requirement. What and which type of features you are looking for it.
If you are not clear or need any assistance you can contact company you think can do and deliver quality solution and they will assist you.

Fot that I suugest CDN Solutions( - an offshore software development company with 10+ years of experience. You can contact at with your project idea and one of the technical representative of the company will get in touch with you.

Hope it helps.

I would say you should follow Avactis idea, you will get better and reputed shopping cart provider.

I agree with William. Call the company you consider first and ask them to give you brief consultation (5 min) about what is the best solution for you.
Call about 3-5 companies and you will get clear understanding of your options.
Unfortunately, you need to spend some time to do research before you decide. This will save you a lot if you make correct decision. Do not just follow advises. They have to be justified to what you need to achieve with your shopping cart project.


Also look to the future and how many “pieces” you
will be putting together. For example, wil you
run more than one site? Memberships? Live Chat?

Will you use a ticket system to support your customers
and what about fulfilling shipments of physical products?

Try to look at this from a “holistic” vantage point and
see where your business is 3 to 5 years out. If you’ll need
more than the basics then you should plan for that
now as changing later is really tough.

ZS Cart is the best ecommerce solutions provider.It is SAAS Ecommerce Solutions provider and it is offering the free trail for 30 days.

If you don’t plan on using Google Checkout as a payment option and have some initial patience to get the site up and running, then Magento Commerce is great. Best of all, it’s 100% free out of the box, with dozens of free customized skins, and it’s 100% open source so you can customize it even further. It’s not for the novice beginner, but you can find quite a bit of info and useful help on the Magento forum.

Here’s what we accomplished with ours so far: foil pans

If you are ready to pay for solution I’d suggest you Interspire. This shopping cart software has wonderful support team. That guys can create online store instead of you.
Anyway you can change your shopping cart with help of cart2cart - shopping cart migration service.

Jennifer … here’s a tip on buying
anything online…


If there’s nobody to speak with before
the sale, who will be there after they
have your money?

With such a generic question, you can only expect generic responses. Shopping carts vary according to need. Any chance you could be more specific? What features do you need in the cart and what are you selling?