Shopping cart vs. light box?


Looking into some solutions into a possible new client. Although they don’t want to be able to sell their product online - they have asked that website visitors be able to request samples.

My first thought was system being a shopping cart where all the products have no cost and postage is free. Then I began to think that perhaps a ‘lightbox’ similar to those on a stock photo website might be a better option.

Has anyone done anything like this before or have any suggestions?

Using a light box is certainly going to put you on the forefront of things but may be a good idea assuming you can insure proper browser support and user experience. Since there’s no price you should be able to design a nice page with a very short form that avoids scrolling or anything else that may confuse the user and make for an even quicker experience.

I’d love to see what you come up with when it’s done!

Thanks Ted.

Due to budget I’ve been looking through lots of available scripts that could be used as a starting point. I think I am coming to the conclusion that a (photogallery) lightbox will not give me quite enough flexibility to provide product details / options. Therefore I am looking for a shopping cart system that will;

_ let me add items without being taken to the cart each time (that would be really annoying).
_ Bypass any payment processing if the amount is zero.

Does anyone know if this could be done in oscommerce?

In case anyone else is looking for a similar thing - oscommerce it would seem would enable this functionality.

Look at this jQuery based viewer for photos, it works just like ‘lightbox’:

Will it work for you?