Shopping cart special requirements

Hello to the forum.

I’ve looked at quite a few open source and low cost (<$200) commercial shopping carts but can’t find one with these features:
o Allow customers to pay for services and upload video files along with questions or comments through the website for review by the site owner.
o Allow the site owner to login to an admin area, view the uploaded video file and then enter comments or a review and send an email alert to client.
o Allow customers to login to their password-protected account and view all reviews of videos created by the site owner.
o Use PayPal as the payment processor for services.

I would like to know if there are existing shopping carts (not hosted services for budget reasons) that have these features or do I have to hire a programmer? (Disclaimer: this is not for an adult or file sharing site - its a consultant who wants to review videos of their clients behavior).

Avactis has file upload option for products. So customer can attach a file to their order, and place the order. Payment with PayPal is supported. The only thing missing is the visible review by admin. But they can add that for you for a fee.