Shopp vs OS-Commerce

Has anyone worked with both? I’m looking to help a designer quote a project, but I have never worked on an E-Commerce site where I had to actually build it. Shopp looks amazing and it’s using a system that I am familiar with, but it’s $55 USD compared to OS-Commerce. OS-Commerce is free, but I don’t know how to maneuver myself with it.

Please let me know.

I am a Shopify user and can sing the praises of it to no end. Olark recently introduced their new app for Shopify where one can interact with customers in real time, browse their carts, view referrers, see what page the user is on, etc…

The support is amazing and themes are really easy to code. For an eCommerce site I would be concerned about potential exploits since it is open source. Although I have never used Oscommerce.

With Shopify you get great support no matter what plan you choose. I love it.

What kind of deign you need? Template based or something unique?

Avactis: how is skinning OSCommerce implimentations?

I think it is better to use professional eCommerce script instead of plug-ins

I’m certainly no expert, but I’ve just starting putting together a site with osCommerce. It being free is great off course, but bear it does need some tweeking to stop it looking like the generic oscmmerce site. If you are willing to do some of it yourself it’s great - I’ve done alot so far with only basic css and html knowledge - I have no php training, but have learnt alot just by using the forums there. The forums are extremely active and many of the contributors have support threads for their add ons which really helps. You definately need to install security add ons, I don’t know what some of the other carts out there are like in that respect, or how secure they are from hacking etc. But it’s good in that you get to have a better understanding of how your site works and how to sort problems out.

Just my two cents worth as an osCommerce user:)