Shiny new features

Ya, I bringing up an old thread. Sue me.

Paul Irish recently made some goofy moderniZed <canvas>-y

HTML5<audio>HTML5’s trademarked sound of angel choir “aaaaa”</audio>

page which is a pretty neat colour-picker tool:

Ok maybe I like the name more than anything else, but still… for those of you who don’t just always have the GIMP open and need hsl values, there ya go.

But the link he has on the bottom does show how easy it can be to get close to the numbers you want entirely in your head and look really awesome to your nerdy web-dev friends:

Now to prevent this post from being entirely without worth, I’ll add in this iWhatever app, the one you won’t be able to leave home without:


Everything’s more awesome with lasers.

hslal(120, 50%, 50%, .8, rubymaser);

Off Topic:

That fat cat should be wearing goggles as the lasers could bounce back and blind him.