Shieldon - An anti-scraping PHP library

Hi all.

I have completed a PHP library called Shieldon.

The idea of creating it is because of one of my website’s content was stolen, and I saw the spammer built a mirror site to make money from Ads on the site full of articles without original authors’ authorized.

When I have completed this PHP library, I think, Why not release it to public use?

GitHub project:

The online DEMO, you can visitmy personal blog, try refreshing it two times in a second.

Shieldon is MIT license. Any suggestion is welcome.

Anything you can do can be undone somehow.

You should copyright your website. See the PDF Circular 66 Copyright Registration of Websites and Website Content from the United States government about doing that. There are other articles on the subject such as Protect Your Website by Copyrighting It. Note that a copyright is often not enough; we must also pay an attorney to enforce it. All of that probably costs too much for you but that is what the big guys do. And it might not have any affect on sites in countries that do not respect patents and copyrights.

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