Sharing the host

a friend wants to share my host. I have no problem with it, as I am barely using any space. She wants to get a domain name for her “company” and then have it point to files on my site. Just thought I’d ask what the pitfalls are?


If she’s running a company/business site and your hosting has problems who is she going to turn to?


Good point. Thank you.

Check with your host if he allows that.

You have to consider as well that you’d be responsible in the eyes of your hosting company for any problems with your friends website i.e. any complaints from people regarding copyright, defamation etc. (not that I’m implying your friend will bring any of those issues to your door).


How good friends are you? Cuz if she does anything illegal or inappropriate you would be the one to suffer.

I would suggest your friend find web hosting for business. Why should you worrying bout that? Or you have plenty of time. I would allow them take care of that personally.

I do not believe web hosting is so expensive these days. Ask your friend to have own web hosting account. Moreover you do not use that web hosting account and you do not know for sure if that is good or not.
if you want keep baing friends - suggest her to find web hosting for her business site personally.

I don’t think you should do this, it will get more complicated and troublemaker for you. If she is having any issue with server she will always contact to you and you will have to inform the issue to the web hosting provider. As ~ServerPoint~ has said, Its better to ask here to opt for a shared hosting package.

If you do not use that account - just give her all right for that account and allow her to do everything you want.
provider - you - she. I suppose that is quite long chain in here going to be.

If the hosting if for her business I think you should suggest her to host separately as it would be more feasible for her.

In addition to what Karl said above your friend wouldn’t have access to the control panel so if they need to setup email accounts you would have to do it for them unless you want to give them access to your control panel.

all that needs to be said has been said.

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