Sharing a domain name

Hi all
My partner has a domain. I have developed it. We are signing an agreement to launch the site. If we put in the document “with the signing of this agreement the domain is the property of both whatever happens and the whois information will be changed so that the admin contact is the other partner” then are we both protected? Thank you for any advice, I have asked a lawyer but unfortunately they don’t seem to have much experience with internet law.

It sounds like you need some kind of formal or (even informal) partnership agreement - it seems odd that your lawyer is uncertain over the wording, as it is irrelevant that you are discussing a domain name - it’s simply a ‘property’ that one partner owns that is now being transferred to be jointly owned by the members of the ‘partnership’.

Can’t help you with the specifics, I’m not a lawyer, but my gut feeling is to suggest you get a different lawyer on board, as your current one sounds somewhat inadequate.

I really don’t know how a domain can be owned by two people. The Whois information only displays the information of one person so what you will need to do is sign a contract with a lawyer present.

I agree with shadowbox - you are not just sharing a domain, you are sharing a business. You should create either an LLC or a partnership to define your relationship, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the members.

Thanks for the advice!