Sharepoint server 2007 for mac

Hi all

Quick question really: Can I install Sharepoint Server 2007 on MacBook Pro? I know office is available but cant find any information about MOSS for Mac.

Thanks :cool:

Cheers Imagine, so your saying I’ll have no problems installing MOSS then on mac? Is anybody else running MOSS on a mac?

Any information thanks :slight_smile:

I’m going to rephrase. You should be able to install any Windows OS on any Intel Mac. Look into Bootcamp. Why install it on a laptop though? :wink:

Why install it on a laptop though?
Working away, more powerful than my existing PC :slight_smile:

Whats Bootcamp?

Sharepoint requires server SKUs to run, so you can’t install it on most Windows laptops, let alone a mac.

I’d also argue its probably pretty pointless running on a laptop that presumably is being turned off and moved around . . .

Well, I apologize for the bad info. :slight_smile: I’ve no idea what a server SKU is.

I do have Win2003Svr on an old Dell laptop though. It was given to me that way and it’s a right sure nightmare to use so I never have. I kept thinking “who in their right mind would install a server on a laptop”. I wish I could remember who gave it to me so I can make them take it back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Server SKU == server stock keeping unit == server editions of Windows.

Well, they probably installed it to develop for SharePoint or something similar that required server to install/run.