Share your photo galleries

Lets see who’s clicking what, here is my Photo Gallery

My husband’s art website is here:

Three main sections which cover real-world photographic art, 3D art and abstract art (fractals).


Within my website I have a Photo section about the area I live in. I hope that you will enjoy it:

My Flickr gallery is

Nice gallery man

Can you tell us a little bit about your equipment ?

this is great stuff! I haven’t created a flickr account yet…I usually try to minimize how many sites I join. However, I love photography and it’s fantastic that everyone is able to share their personal art on this forum. I’d like to see some abstract art as well. :slight_smile:

my flickr.

Small new set using a gallery program on one of my sites:

My Flickr gallery:

My Zooomr Gallery:

and not listed are my galleries spread at other places, including stock photo sites and order fulfillment sites.

take a look at mine:

I used to have a personal website with all my photos, but for now they are only on Flickr.

What kind of object did you use to create the effect in this image? It looks great :slight_smile:

I believe that was a combo of a fractal generating program (I think Atropos) and Photoshop.

I gave up on trying to create a home-grown script for a photo gallery, and decided to let Flickr do the work for me.
George’ Flickr Feed

here is my own personal site, hope you guys like it.

And my favorite image is

All images (except blond girl in studio) are made with my old Fuji S5500 digital camera. I’m trying to buy Pentax K10D but I can’t afford it right now. :frowning: its not my site but i know the guy and i think his photos are getting better with each update.

Mine @ Flickr

oh cool, here is my flickr

Here’s mine.

Nice stuff. :tup: