Share website tips please

i am running a share websitem where you share all the networks you are on

tips needed are, whch networks to add?
and about the website structure and design<snip>

this site is new but its even hard to get hits at the moment any advice on that plz?

Is this a Social Networking platform? What are your goals for the site? Who is your target market? What is your user base?

i wouldnt call it a social networking platform, the idea is, u sign up,

add all the networks you are on

u get a url eg,com/yourname to share on forms (everywhere you need to add a website)

people clicking on that link go to your (very simple)profile where you can see all the networks that person is on with the link to the profile

i was thinking this could be a good tool for bands, companies, etc having all networks in one place

Sounds like a good idea! Of course you would want to add majors like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In.

I would look over the “Share this” widget and that should give you an idea of the best available Social and Professional networks and start there. On your site, you might want to have something where people could give other suggestions.

the main ones are added, and yeah maybe i could make a suggestion field for other sites underneath the forms, thank you!

i have a fan page on facebook linked to twitter

i keep looking for things to tweet about the website,… but i guess people will get bored with that and ignore,… any other promoting tips?

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