Share Mother's Day gift

Mother’s day is coming soon! Is Anyone have a good ideas to give a surprise gift to your mom? PLS share here…

No it’s not, we already had it in the UK :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave my mam a lovely card with flowers and chocolates :tup: you can’t really go wrong with them, well unless she’s allergic :shifty:

Holidays, perfumes, spa treatments, vouchers for her favourite shops/salon/hotels, something relating to her hobbies, there’s lots of things you can get! It’s the thought that counts :slight_smile:

Mothers always want there kids to be with her, so this year I celebrated the whole day with my MOMMY. We enjoyed her loving TV serials, had meals together. We discussed of some gossips and secrets which were not discussed since I was busy in Job. I Brought up her favorite Ice-cream for her. I also gifted her a pearl pendant as she loves jewelery.This Mother’s Day, I didn’t let her do anything, and just made her sit with me and you know, she was really very happy.