Share google+ page on personal google+ account?

Hi, this may be a dumb question, but how can share, link, add my google+ page to my personal google+ account?

Would at leat like to be able to like or have a feed from one to the other?


go to your page and copy the link which is probably in top of your browser and paste in to your google+ account hope this be help ful

  1. Make sure you are logged into your personal Google+ account.
  2. Visit your Google+ page.
  3. Underneath the profile picture of your Google+ page, you will find an arrow icon.
  4. Click on it and magic will happen. :smiley:

However, if what you want to know is how to feed status updates from your personal profile to your page or vice versa, it’s not possible at the moment and I don’t think Google will allow this in the near future as this will quickly spoil the quality of content being published onto the platform.

You can also use your G+ page in signature. Right a proper and attention-seeker title for you page, hyperlinked it with the title and use this into your signature.

You just log in your google+ account and open a new tab with the google+ page and like it. Whenever that page post anything that posted post will be automatically posted on your personal page also.

I totally agree with this iThinkFashion. This is the simplest way and genuine also.

I like the idea of making signature for google plus account. That would be the most prominent way of promoting your google plus account.