Share A Web Page As Animated Content?


Not sure this is possible, but I have been asked if the below is possible. the site I am working on is a luxury hotels site and this is for the hotel detail page, where it has a description of the hotel, some images, the address, location etc.

The client has asked for a “Share This Button” to be created that will gather all the info on that page and present it with some sort of animation/slideshow, he said apparently Facebook used to do this as some sort of animated gif of info?

Hope this makes sense. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this

Many Thanks

Not sure about an animated GIF but you could probably generate a custom email template that presents the images in a slideshow/carousel with the other various info in an email. His request sounds pretty vague though. I’d ask for a better description of what he wants.

Either way though, you’d probably get better ideas from people if you posted this in one of the front-end forums like HTML/JS/CSS as it will probably be more of a design thing than a back-end PHP thing.