Shall I use javascript along with PHP?

Hi, I am developing the admin part of a school management system where the admin can add students, teachers, holidays, notices, etc. Now I have been given a sample website as a reference. In that sample website, on the left hand side there is a list as below:

Manage Students
Manage Teachers
Manage Holidays

Now when I put the cursor on ‘Manage Students’, a submenu appears on its right side. The submenu has the following:

Add Student
View Student Profile

When I click on Add Student, the page /admin/addstudent.php opens up, whereas on clicking ‘View Student Profile’, the page /admin/viewstudent.php appears.

As far as I think the menu items can be added by the admin, that is, the menu shows up dynamically. I assume it to be like that…That said, would I be right if I say that the respective submenu items need to be specified while adding each menu item. Can anyone suggest how I get the submenu working?

Without seeing the code, the submenus can be filled/created by PHP, but Javascript controls their appearance/disappearance.

The way that those types of menus normally “should” work, is that it is a nested list of links, and scripting is used to show/hide certain parts of the list.

That said, there is no way for us, at the moment, to tell if your menu is set up to work in such a normal manner.

Because your menu is not working in a normal manner, either a link is incorrectly pointing to the wrong location, or some other structural issue is at hand with the menu itself.