SFU Arts/Business Admission

Hi, my highschool average will range from 85%-87%. What do you guys think my chances are of getting into SFU arts/business. If I dont get in im planning on going to Kwantlen and then transferring. Is that easier? Harder? What do you guys think??

You will have to check the admission guidelines for that particular school in order to see if you meet their requirements. If they don’t have the information on their website, you might need to contact their admissions department directly.

I would recommend that you apply to at least 3 schools–if not more–in order to increase your chances at being accepted into a program that you wish to study. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and only apply to one school. If you don’t get accepted, they you could be stuck without a school to go to.

As far as for saving money, usually it’s better from a financial perspective to go to a less expensive school for the first year or two to get all your gen-ed classes out of the way, then transfer to the more expensive / better school for the classes in your field of study. However–contact the school you might want to transfer to and check to see if they will accept the credit transfers. Some schools will only accept certain things, and sometimes the credit systems differ between schools.