SFTP Upload with SUDO permissions

I have a client that only supports SSH connections to their server and has only granted me sudo permissions other than on my users home directory. I can download and browse all files, but I c6an only upload files to my users home directory unless I use sudo.

I informed my client of these issues and they suggested that I upload the files to my users home directory and then move the files to the proper directory via terminal using sudo. This seems like a nightmare and kind of ridiculous.

I am currently using PhpStorm, I also have Dreamweaver. I am uploading directly to /var/www and I want to upload using sudo which Phpstorm does not support.

Are there any IDEs out there that support this?

Probably not, but is the location in /var/www a directory? As you could always create a link to your home folder using sudo ln -s /home/folder/ /var/www/foldername so you could then just upload to your home folder and it will be accessible via the link to /var/www

Yes like cpradio says an workaround is to use a symbolic link in your home directory to the destination folder.

Have you explored the possibility that they can ‘Jail Root’ access into the destination folder so you can have full root access but just in those locations that are allowed by the jail rooting? This may not be neccessary as you may have been granted permissions to change execution bits so even if you had to transfer an executable program via the symbolic link you may not need the jail rooting.

Of note, jail rooting can be nice as you can umask root permission without needing to assign users to specific groups (other than their default user group).


I’ve never done it, but if you’re on windows winscp may work for you