Setup web directory listing site - windows hosting

Hi guys. hope i don’t get a slapped wrist for reposting here. Not a x post but i may have initially pitched it at the wrong board as it would appear that it could be more difficult than i assumed ( 118 views , 0 suggestions ) .

So anyway here’s the initial post from the other board …

Yes really … Not for any crazy plan to backlink a zillion to my site and get my ass banned from google or anything…lol Its just a genuine low traffic site that will probablly never have more than a few hundred companies listed on it.

Its one of those topics that when you google the term, confusion takes you off to actual directory answers as in file directories etc. The closest i got was a free wordpress script.

However, for my sins i’m on a ***** windows based hosting solution ***.

So i was hoping one of u guys could point me in the right direction. As i say I’m just trying to create a **** free and very simple , nothing flashy required, directory listing site ****. Maybe half a dozen drop down box’s for the users to specify type of business etc plus a few boxs for name, address , tel number etc etc.

thanks in advance ( fingers crossed )