Setup for other team members to make changes?

We have a product team who has a checkout of various web projects and each has their own dev server, database, etc.

This works just fine, we then commit our individual changes and have a “master dev server” which we use for final dev testing and syncing with live.

One of the things we have run into more recently is making quicker front-end changes. We have a number of other team members who aren’t within the production department but are fully capable of making simple changes to templates, etc.

Any ideas how we could set up them to be able to make these changes? I was thinking of having them just do a non-web-accessible checkout to their hard drive where they can make changes, commit, and check it out on the dev server. Since they are MOSTLY going to be very simple changes there is likely not that need to check it before committing (and if they commit and then see a problem, they can also recommit or revert…)

Any alternative ideas?

We beat the designers repeatedly until they accepted that they would work within our source control. So now they can run/build locally (scripted), edit files, test and then commit back to the trunk where our continuous integration process takes over.