Setup a VPS with centos 5

hi to all.

i wish some help for install or config a vnc or RDP for manage my vps with centos 5, i was buyed it in swvps dot com.

i’m new in linux also using ssh, but if can help me general ideas of how to search in google and config it, will be of much help.

the objetive with this vps is for use as a private SMTP auth relay server only.


so much thanks, I’ll check !!!

thanks a lot! again

You don’t need VNC or RDP to configure a VPS for SMTP relay only, a linux based server shouldn’t really have any Gui things on it imo, only a waste of resources and an extra security risk to have stuff open to the outside world.

Best bet is to do a quick search on for a tutorial on how to set up a mail system (there are plenty of guides there).