Setting up rsync to sync a linux box to a windows pc

Hey guys,

I am trying to setup rsync on my dedicated server to sync to a windows xp pc in my house. Can anyone point me to a guide or tutorial to do this? I’ve found plenty on setting up rsync, I just can’t find how to go from linux to windows.

I’m running plesk if that matters.


Make a batch file on your windows Pc and put the following command:

C:\\Progra~1\\cwrsync\\rsync -e C:\\Progra~1\\cwrsync\\ssh -av --progress --exclude "/home/pictures" --exclude "/home/videos" --exclude "tmp" root@[remoteserver]:/home "/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/Auth User/My Documents/linuxbackupdir"

Change the command as you want.

You need to get this installed in your Windows computer to work around with that command:

That might help you out.


thanks for the response. so do I have to install rsync on my linux web pc or on my windows xp home pc? Can I just install it on the linux box?


You need to install rsync in Windows if you want to move backup to windows. I recommend you install cwrsync. It is quite smart one. Check this link:

I’ve found that this is a fantastic use for VMWare’s “Virtual Server” product. It’s now a free download (I used to use VMWare workstation). Set up a linux VM on your windows PC, give it a bare minium of RAM, and make sure it shuts down and starts up when your PC does.

Depending on how you want things set up, VMWare can store it’s whole filesystem in one file on your windows machine, or a whole separate drive (best method for a backup machine, really - drives are cheap).

It’ll have a separate IP address than your main OS (Using Bridged Networking), and you can just set things up to rsync to there. It’s saved us loads of headaches on permissions, etc. But, then, I’m a command line sort of person - the linux environment seems much easier to work with for this sort of thing than Windows.

I’m kind of over-simplifying, but with a small bit of work you can really set things up quite well with VMWare. And free is good. :slight_smile: