Setting up phpmailer

Im trying to follow

so I can send emails from my webite (A reset password and a registration confirmation) but am lost when setting up gmail.
When I go to the security tab, you can see the 2 step verification is enabled

Then things fall apart, where do I find the app password?

2-step enabled is ideal! For app password:

  1. Go in your Google Account settings (https://www.Google.Com/account/about/)
  2. Security > App passwords
  3. Create password for “Mail” and your tool
  4. Use that password in phpmailer, not your regular Gmail password.

ok, on the security tab

I cant find “App Passwords”

Can’t read those images unfortunately. Does this article help at all?

or this one:

In particular:

This link allowed me to

I called the app phpmailer and copied the 16 digit password