Setting up MX records for GMail email forwarding on my website

Please see the attached image which shows the MX records I created on my virtual dedicated server in Plesk. Is this setup correctly to point to use GMail email for my website domain?

When I test the DNS settings ( it all seems to be resolving correctly.

Am I missing anything? Please help! We just changed servers and my email is not working 8(

What you’re trying to do won’t work with a standard gmail account. You’ll need to sign up for google apps.

However, if you don’t want to do that, you can point the MX records to your host, and just use your host’s email features to forward your email to whatever account you wish.

Yes, although watch out, because your host email inbox will fill up and eventually max out. I kept getting clients who requested a redirect to their GMail and other such accounts, but now I refuse, because I’ve found that, in practice, they rarely remember to empty out the real inbox at regular intervals, and thus get into trouble.

That depends on the limitations of your hosting plan, but yes, a good point to bring up.

Hey guys! Thanks for the help. I figured it out. I needed to set the MX records to “” not “