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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. Last time I posted was 2015…

It’s time for definitely migrating to a modern environment. Time to put my current website in a museum.
I would like to ask you guys some advise in this respect.

Let’s start by having a look at my current website

Cute, right?

Now, for the new one it would be nice to keep some features from the old one (like the product list, possibly the accommodation e noteworthy sections and a central area where I can embed the latest from socials). Naturally, my plan is to get a good enough template and then tweak it accordingly.

I am looking for some kind of small e-commerce, I found this as a possible starting point It has all features I want it to have.

I know nothing about compatibility, bugs, and all problems that could arise from themes customization. I think these are the biggest issues I will face.

I would like also some advice on what hosting to choose. I currently have a basic Windows based host. Should I switch to Linux? How about having multiple domains, like .it, .de, .fr, etc. or multiple ips? Would they help in positioning and visibility?

Thank you in advance for your help

Hello @dRyW
If you want to build an eCommerce website and have experience in WordPress I think you are in the right place. As of theme customization, trust me it will make you want to pull out your hair. I’d suggest looking in to elementor or oxygen builder. No need to worry about bugs with these, they are constantly updating bugs and they have great support teams in case bugs come up. They cost the same as a theme and offer full customization (basically they are a blank theme and you use their plugin to build exactly what you want). Also take a look at shopify checkout button. It is easier then woocommerce and faster. And for your host struggle, yes, switch to a linux based. Linux hosting is normally cheaper and wordpress is designed to perform better on linux, mainly because the software it uses is linux based. Checkout Fastcomet or siteground, both are linux based.

It’s great that you’ve decided to update your website and migrate to modern environment. Your website is really cute :slightly_smiling_face:

But your website requires a complete update: design, platform, navigation, website structure, everything. Of course, we will keep the list of products with new high-quality pictures.

What platforms do I recommend? WooCommerce plugin for the WordPress platform or Shopify SaaS. Or Magento Open Source since it allows you having one store on multiple domains.

Professionals that develop websites for big companies would begin by designing the website in terms of features, in terms that non-technical users would understand, without specifying how to do it. It might be a mistake to proceed with WordPress if you later discover you need to do something that would be better done using something else. Sure WordPress is a likely good solution but the important thing is that you need to know as much as possible what it is you will need or just want.

Of course Linux and PHP enthusiasts will consider it foolish to remain with IIS (Windows). To a large extent it is sometimes a matter of personal preference. My personal preference is to avoid PHP, please. There is much about Microsoft that I do not like but I also do not like PHP. It is possible to use C# with Linux hosting and that is something I will likely learn eventually.

Much depends on how much you want to learn. If you do not want to do any programming then the solutions are different from doing some of the programming yourself.

Yeah I agree. WordPress is meant for blogging, though WordPress as developed their own plugins, such as woocommerce, to transfer it into different things. I would code your own solution with something like a JavaScript framework if you can. Otherwise start with Shopify, or if your low on a budget use, it’s free, simple and you can add your own code to it.

Thanks all of you for your advice.

Very little experience. So far I only set it up locally in Xampp and had a quick look at the dashboard.
I heard good things about Shopify but I am a bit low on budget. Besides I’ve just renovated my hosting subscription for the year.
I didn’t know you could even use c# to build websites. It sound extremely time consuming though.

I know what you mean. I spent three months just to set up the subscribe section in my current website. This is one reason why I’d like to purchase a good enough ready theme if I can find it.

I really like the site I linked in my opening post. It has everything I’d want it to have and I think it would be a very good starting point.
I cannot say exactly how it was built, perhaps you can.
Given it is so close to what I imagine the final result would be I feel I wouldn’t mind a few headaches to give it the final tweak.
I few custom feature I would like it to have are: dark mode, animated drop-down menu (like this one), animated product link (like this, or this) and possibly this type of header.

Easier to make a c# one from scratch, right? :smile:

No. It will take time to learn C# and related things.

Probably WordPress is best for you, in an Apache (Linux) host.

I see in Why are browsers so picky? - HTML & CSS - The SitePoint Forums that you did a bunch of work on the site 5 years ago.

Perhaps ThemePunch will help you. I don’t know anything about it except what is in the website but it appears to be doing things like what your website does.

It sounds like you should check out wix. Like I said before it’s completely drag and drop. In addition, you can add custom coded features if you desire.

I suggest not using Wix or a website such as that. The problem is that if your requirements outgrow Wix then it will be costly to convert to something else. And Wix does have limitations. There are many articles like Wix vs WordPress: Which One Should You Choose to Build a Website? that compare Wix and WordPress.

There are also many articles about converting Wix to WordPress such as the following.

One informative piece of information about converting Wix to WordPress is the first sentence of the Wix support page Exporting or Embedding Your Wix Site Elsewhere | Help Center | It seems to say that you just cannot do it.

It’s a WordPress site, using the TwentySeventeen theme.

That’s fine if you want to create websites without being a professional web designer. It’s like using painting by numbers and calling yourself an artist.

If you want to be a professional web developer then you need to learn HTML and CSS, and probably JS and a backend language.

I was being sarcastic :slightly_smiling_face:

Very well, how hard or expensive do you think it will be to customize it the way I want? One other feature would be to build a product list where i can easily modify the availability of products from the dashboard athough I imagine this is easily something already provided by default.

Sorry, I’ve no idea; I’ve never used WordPress. I was just responding to your question about how the site you mentioned was built.

Perhaps somebody else can supply an answer to your latest questions.

Thank you. Yes, my plea is addressed to everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you checked out elemetor, it’s a drag and drop theme customizer. No code needed. You tell it where you want certain parts of your website to be layed out. I highly suggest it. I believe it only costs $60 and they have a free version to start out with. I think their website is
Give it a try. There is also a ton of video tutorials about it on YouTube. Here’s one to check out.

Thank you, it sounds very easy to use. Can use it and other plugins to customize existing themes? Like in my case the one I have been talking about. Guess it’s time to try it out

Yes. Looking at your past comments it seems your interested in the 2017 theme. You can use elementor and your plugins with this theme (any WordPress theme or plugin actually) with no problem at all.

I understand. Thank you.

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