Setting up a Facebook App

I’m having a problem setting up a facebook app. One of the first things I’m supposed to do (according to FB Help) is to go to, where I should be able to get a Key and an Application Secret. But whenever I try this (either by putting that URL in my Firefox address bar, or clicking a link on FB Help pages) it just opens my Facebook page admin panel. Wildly frustrating.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or haven’t understood, or is it a bug in Facebook ? I should have no problem creating the app itself, but it seems there’s a real problem with setting it up in Facebook on the new Timeline design.

Can anyone with recent experience of setting up an app help me, please ?

Try going to first - if you are not a developed you need to sign up as one before you can create an app.

Hello Ted S. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve followed that link. I can’t yet see anywhere to sign up as a developer. If I login, it’s to my own page. If I try to follow the tutorial, in Step 1 I’m once again told to go to the Developer App, which only leads back to my page Admin.

Should I have done something on my page before setting off to ‘Developers’ ?

One thing I have learned is that there’s much Facebook discussion on ‘Stack Overflow’. so I’m off to look there.

I discovered at Stack Overflow that a Facebook business account can’t creat an App, it has to be a personal account. This strikes me as odd, as surely a business page is more likely to want an App than a personal one. However, this is Facebook and that’s how it is. If only FB made it clearer at the outset it would avoid a lot of screaming and frustration.

At Stack Overflow I found two other people having the same problem (going round in circles, see previous posts). Even stack Overflow thought the question off topic because both questions had been closed down within a day or so.

The vast majority of business pages are created using personal accounts, only people who get into one of facebook’s business programs have a true corporate account [with no actual profile]. Facebook simply built business profiles on top of user accounts as a login and control mechanism so you don’t have to switch or login again to use them… which has both advantages and drawbacks.

Did this solve the issue for you?

Thank you. I know a bit more, but my troubles are not over yet.

I discovered early on that one had to have a personal account before creating a business page. So I set one up in my own name but using a business e-mail address. I’m not now sure how to access that personal account (I’m not even entirely convinced it exists independently of the business page) - whenever I login I arrive at the business page.

A few days ago I set up a truly personal account using my own name (as before) but this time my own e-mail address. When (after my last post here) I tried to register that account for building an App, FB came up and said permission was refused because I’d used a false name (or words to that effect). I suspect this is because there are now two FB accounts with my name on them, with different e-mail addresses, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way of verifying this or sorting it out. I have had to scan my passport and send it to FB as part of their ‘appeals’ procedure. I await their mercy. Meanwhile I’m not locked out of either account, I just can’t operate them properly.

I’m having the same problem setting up a Facebook developer account. I submitted an appeal with a copy of my driving licence a week ago, but still have n’t heard anything.

Tim, did Facebook eventually resolve the problem for you?

The Facebook developer support team got back to me a few days later and resolved the problem.

Try this link to know more