Setting up a development environment (develop server)

Hey everyone, I don’t know how to search on this one on Google but I think anyone needs to have the same struggle as I have.

I want to set up a development server where you can pull from (and push) a remote server.

  • The website
  • The MySql database

And if you push the website (with that database is on the dev server) and maybe does a replace in the database (since the URL is changed).
So when I push it to the server with a command (I am running Windows / Linux and Mac).
It will be visible under some specific domain (*****.company.lan).

Now we have the possibility to load something using Yarn, but it is not ideal somehow.

Which one are you using as a development platform, and is this the same one you want to run as a server?

I could be reading this wrong but, sounds like you might want to think about setting up some sort of express server, or WAMP. Then set up a CI/CD pipeline with git so that each time you make a change, commit it it and push it, it is picked up by your prod environment and builds the changes.

Have you tried using Rsync?

File are ok I am not sure about databases but they should be ok because they are basically files.

The one is Linux the other Mac (or Windows with a Linux shell)

It is more the possibility to push and pull data from the server (included website files and MySql files)

GitHub is ideal for working locally and pushing, pulling and rolling back source data. The local source data can be Rsynced to the server.

As far as Mysql files are concerned a Topic in the database section may provide a solution.

First of all thank you for the reply. The .git folder (with the commits) can be added to the folder (we use Gitlab for this). So we can push and pull using Git (/SourceTree).

The locahost modfied source files can uploaded to the server in seconds - the speed is phenomenal and I think even faster than transferring GirHub files :slight_smile:

I have setup a script which only shows on my localhost which is copied and pasted to the terminal.

Would it be possible (and how) to wrap it together in an script to do this with a MySql pull?

As mentioned:

As far as Mysql files are concerned a Topic in the database section may provide a solution.

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