Setting the default view on Fbook business pages with timeline

Our business page has the new timeline live and one thing is already annoying me - the default view of the page is ‘Highlights’ as opposed to the normal time sorted listing of everything we’ve posted, which appears to be called ‘Post By Page’. (I’m not talking about the issue some other people are having with trying to direct people to a landing page, I’m talking about the generic Wall)

I cannot find anywhere that removed that highlight option as default and go back to just the running feed of what we’ve posted. I don’t see any Wall options outside of what others can post. I see no purpose for highlight as the default when they now offer manual tools to ‘feature’ and ‘pin’ stories - in essence manual highlights.

Through a combination of our 4 feeds running through RSS Graffiti that auto-post and the status updates I made manually, we run between 2 and 10 posts a day. But under whatever odd logic this highlight setting uses, a post by a user who mentions our site on Feb. 28th is one of the top stories - what’s crazy is that doesn’t even have any comments. We have some status updates in the same time frame with over 100 likes and 20+ shares.

I simply don’t have time to rearrange and mess with our facebook page every time we publish something - which is why we use RSS graffiti but it appears we might have to if this highlight thing can’t be changed.

Anyone else experiencing this or have a solution?

Our business page has been around over two years and has about 4,000 likes.


i also looking for this is annoying

how to change facebook timeline

I don’t dislike timeline. I’m talking about a sorting feature that does exist on the wall and if there is a way to make your sort selection default.