Setting a size for a window

can it be done w/css?
so…click on a link & it opens up or goes to a new widow of a set size for example 700px X 700px?
or is it just a javascript thing?

This is a javascript thing. :slight_smile:

Ha! ok will get right on that next. :lol:

It’s usually highly highly frowned upon to resize a browser window for someone.

perhaps it is on me. do not think I explained myself as well as I could have.
Once the viewer click on a link I wanted another window to open w/a larger version of a particular image.
So I was actually not planning on messing w/the size of an already open window & irritate the viewer.
But i am guessing that is still javascript. will get around to it eventually.

Absolutely. One of the things I love about Opera is that you can block scripts that try to resize your window/tab. What there is sometimes a case for is opening a new window set to a particular size.

Normally I abhor links that open in a new window, but in some cases you might want to open a console that doesn’t interfere with the main page, particularly if it is in the middle of a process, and in those circumstances you could legitimately set the set of the window if you know exactly what size the console needs to be.

OH! Hey Stevie this link is for you, could not pass it up.
As for new windows I actually have several windows open. So it doesn’t bother me. I dislike it more when a secondary quasi window opens up in the middle of the referring window and darkens everything in the background.
But anyway.
Will not do the open/resize thing.

I have to say that sherpa is right… those fixed/absolute position “quasi windows” are the new pop-ups. many times I find myself accidentally clicking on them because the page loads, then they come cover up the content. The other pet peeve is that the “close” link is small or nearly hidden. While I am no fan of pop-up windows , the current practice is far worse.

Depending on what you are doing, Sherpa… perhaps you should rethink your UI…

I don’t think lightboxes are too bad, if only used when initiated by a clicked image in a gallery or something.

The ones that fade directly into a lightbox on page load, and try to force you to download a cell phone ringtone or something, however, are THE WORST.

Often you can click anywhere in the grayed out area to close the popup. Certainly with Lightbox and similar scripts.

Yes, you can usually close the Lightbox by clicking elsewhere. However, usually people who implement them don’t show a standard or UA recognised method to close them leading to even more user confusion.

Yes, it’s silly to assume that users will know to click on the dark area. But in my experience there’s usually a close button, though I tend not to use it.

defiantly not doing the light boxes. (didn’t know that was what they were called) will not do re sized windows.
You all have a great weekend and a happy friday.

I bet you’ll definitely use light boxes :slight_smile: You are headed for a JS solution, it seems, but the JS solution will not solve you’re classic pop-up window problems.

These are the way to combine CSS and JS to make slide shows and pop-ups possible, overcoming classic pop-up window blocking.



I wouldn’t make any blanket statements. They aren’t that bad, and can be very pretty/user-friendly when used appropriately.

In an image gallery, a portfolio page, etc, they can add some UX.

Those were the ones I was referring to… they have taken the place of the annoying popup, only they are worse because they TRULY interfere with usability.

so I guess what I am saying it’s how/why it’s done that makes it a good experience… not whether it’s a window or a light box

Spot on! :slight_smile:

But, for the OP, the pop-up window it’s just not a generally viable workable option, while the pop-up div (the so called lightbox) is. He just doesn’t know it yet :lol:

good points all…so for now…nevah! maybe later on.