Setter and getters pHP

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But how should I move forward from where can I get 5-10 projects or programmes that can clear my doubts and the practical applicability of the fundamentals that i learned today?

If I understand your question then this is one of those age old questions whose only answer boils down to “it depends”.

You can go ahead and pick a simple project to start and then ask for help along the way. But the help is only going to be in the form of opinions and what works well for me may not be the best solution for your.

There a project called Symfony which consists of a bunch of libraries as well as a framework tying them together. It is one of the more popular frameworks out there. In fact, the libraries are used in quite a few competing frameworks and applications.

You might consider using Symfony as a reference or starting point. You won’t go too far wrong if you follow their guidelines.


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