Set Virtual Memory


I am running Windows XP SP2 and i have 1GB RAM DDR, What should be the settings of virtual memory to get the best performance for my computer.

I have attached a image file which shows the current settings of my virtual memory.

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I can’t see your image yet, but 1GB is not much, but of course it depends on what you’re using the computer for…

a general rule is to keep the paging file on another disk than your system files, and to give it no less than about 1.5 times more value than you have RAM - 1.5*1024=1536

it may also be an idea to choose the same amount for the initial size and maximum size, this way your CPU doesn’t have to keep resizing it.

IMHO, the proper size is “System Managed Size”.

If you give it too much, it’s wasted space, give it to little and Windows won’t work well. Let Windows dynamically manage what it needs and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Ok i have uploaded the image file via ftp so you can see it now also increase the image size.

This is the location



Yes, for most users it is.

it looks ok. but why don’t you let windows handle it?

I have 6 desktop computers here and 4 laptops, and the only ones that i doesn’t let windows handle the memory on, is those two in my studio which is used to process audio and video on - and my main workstation as it’s also used a bit for audio.

The general rule of thumb is 1.5 times the amount of system RAM. And also, to make it a fixed size (specify the same size under both “custom size” boxes). This makes it so there is a dedicated spot on the drive for the pagefile. If the pagefile is a variable size, then it can become fragmented and performance takes a hit.

When I set the pagefile size on XP, I usually run this tool to defrag it:

Hello guys,

Well i buy another RAM but i think my custom setting for Virtual Memory was a bit not feasible with it as i wasn’t getting the performance for 2 GB RAM so i formatted my c:\ and currently i set it to Windows to manage Virtual Memory.

Now what will be the best Disk Defragmention and Optimization software for my current setting, I really need performance because my PC is my office work place.

I check a few Disk Defrag software and i really like this one Advance Defrag it includes both disk defrage and registry defragment, What you guys think, is it really good and will be best for my current Virtual Memory settings. Or there is some other defrag software which is the best one for me.

Please help



Follow the rule of thumb of 1.5 times your physical RAM. So, if you have 2GB, use a 3GB pagefile.

You don’t have to pay for defrag software. Either use the software that comes with windows (it’s slow, but it works just dandy), or use a free alternative, such as defraggler, Auslogics Disk Defrag, or MyDefrag.

If you do want a paid tool, the only tool that I’ve ever seen worth anything is diskeeper.

As for defraging your pagefile, I still recommend what I said in my previous post. Most defrag apps don’t support defragging the pagefile.