Set up Godaddy Reseller Hosting

Hello Eveybody,

I need help from Expert, I bought a godaddy pro-reseller hosting package and buy a custom domain to mask with given reseller sitefront url, But I cant do it and didn’t get any helpful support from their customer help center(as useual).

Could you please help me or provide me any link where I get some clue.

I am sorry to hear that you are running into issues with setting up your reseller account. We have this Getting Started Guide to help with the setup or you can call our Reseller Support Team at 480-505-8857 and they can walk you through the setup of your reseller account.

You will want to set up Forwarding with Masking. Check this out:

Masking will be OK for a while but its not really recommended due to SSL issues. Look at alternative ways to customize your site such as skinning or using Website Builder and Reseller templates.