Set time limit function

My question relates to the set_time_limit function and about the practices you follow regarding it.
Do you use it in your scripts?

I assume there must be some special cases where this function is required,otherwise do you think in necessary.
I am saying that, because I found an article in the web which says that we must use it either way to avoid infinite loops in our scripts.
So,I am interested hearing your opinion about the matter.

The -only- time i use it is when i’m manually running a script myself that noone else is going to touch, and it is going to take a while (automating creating a VM and running some things against it, for example) and then it’s a set_time_limit(0).

I too have only rarely needed to mess with changing the default.
And that with a localhost script - NOT - anything on a live host.
And only because at the time I was not very good at database design or writing efficient queries.
Being on localhost it didn’t matter much because I was willing to wait a few minutes for the script to run.

But I’d say that in most cases if you must set it to other than the default value then it’s time to take a closer look at your code.