Set of gifs with accompanied text - cols versus rows

There are 6 images each having a text description.

They should appear as 3 rows and two columns with the text displayed to the right of each gif.

From a css standpoint, is this better to do by first filling the columns instead of rows?

Trying to fill by rows, the gifs with text are pushing far to the left and not filling the div container.

You should try to associate the text as closely as possible with the image, so that the page makes sense when linearised (ie, viewed/read without stylesheets applied, just in the source code order).

I’m really not sure what you mean by ‘first filling the columns instead of rows’ – do you want to post what you’ve got at the moment, and then we can have a look and see if it’s the way we would go about it?

Thanks Stevie, there’s enough to go on now.