Hey, just wondering. Say if i create sessions like so

$receiver = $_POST['receiver'];
$sender = $_POST['sender'];
if($sender=="") {
            echo "error";
          } else {
            echo "ok";
			session_register ("receiver");     
            $_SESSION ["receiver"] = $receiver;
            session_register ("sender");     
            $_SESSION ["sender"] = $sender;     

How would I then go abouts passing them using flashvars?

var flashvars = {};

Reason I ask is because I would normally do something like

var flashvars = {<?php echo $_POST['receiver'] ?> &amp;myVar1=<?php echo $_POST['sender'] ?>};

But isnt this just using the POST variable rather than the session variable?

Any advise appreciated as always.

Firstly i wouldn’t recommend using session_register anymore as its deprecated in PHP 5.3, as your setting

$_SESSION["receiver"] = $receiver;
$_SESSION["sender"] = $sender;

you wouldn’t need to register the session as your just setting it twice. In your flashvars variable simply change the $_POST to $_SESSION and it will pass on the values the same way $_POST does