Sessions don't work for some users

I recently implemented a login system to access the content on my website. Since then I occasionally get an email from someone saying they can’t login successfully. Don’t all modern browsers support the ability to have a session? I don’t use cookies at all in my login page. What else could be the problem?


Sessions by default are required in a browser and usually can’t be disabled, since your server script handles the $_SESSION var there shouldn’t be any issues. Could you post the snippet of code you use for the login so we can check to make sure its bug free.

The session id can be passed one of two ways - in a cookie or in the querystring.

Your server settings may have one or the other of the two ways disabled.

If you have the querystring option disabled and your visitor doesn’t allow cookies then they can’t establish a session on your site because both methods of retaining the session id are disabled.