Session Replay Tools to improve usability

Are there any session replay tools that can be installed on our own server?

There are several third-party recording websites such as, mouseflow, smartlook etc but I am looking for something that I can install on my own server and use it for my own websites.

Hi iA001 welcome to the forum

Luckily for you there are quite a few such tools that are free.

I’m guessing the reason you had a problem finding them is because you searched for replay instead of record and left out browser. eg.

Thank you Mittineague. Most of the browser recording tools are for recording my own activity. I am looking for something similar to where I can record mouse flow and clicks of my website visitors and generate heatmaps.

These third-party websites send my visitor data to their own server. I don’t want to share that data with any other third parties and keep it on my own server for my own optimization use.

Ah, then these should be more to your liking.

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