Session Questions

And what’s the worst that could happen, they display an error message that doesn’t apply to them? :slight_smile:

As someone outside looking in it sounds to me like you’re investing WAY to much time for a tiny segment of users of which is even smaller considering the amount of traffic.

So based on the description of my website design, you would leave it as-is?


However, could you just ditch the flash message system altogether. There really isn’t any reason to be using the session to store error messages. It certainly isn’t required by any means.

Could you explain what you mean?

What is a “flash message system”? (I assume you don’t mean Adobe Flash!)

If you don’t know anything about your current flash message system that you invented then how do you expect anyone else to know?

Two of the most popular PHP frameworks use the same or similar method for flash (quick and session persistent) messages, like error messages. So, I’d say that is an indication you are safe and smart to do it too.


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