Session not working with me

the session not working with me this morning ,I don’t know why
look at the code:

<?php ob_start();
<html xmlns=''>
      <div class='container'>
        <div class='header'>
       <img src='../pictures/logo.png' />


     <div class='corps' dir='rtl'>
       include '../config/configdb.php';
    include '../api/usersapi.php';
    if(isset($_POST['user']) && $_POST['user'] == 'login'){

             $username = strip_tags($_POST['username']);
           $password = strip_tags(sha1($_POST['password']));
    if($username && $password){
     $getuser = tutofilter_users_get("WHERE `username` = '$username' AND `password` = '$password'");
     if($getuser == NULL)
        echo 'no member with this name ';
      foreach($getuser as $user):
          $uname = $user->username;
       $upass = $user->password;
       if($username == $uname && $password == $upass):
        $tname = $_SESSION['tname'];
        $tpass = $_SESSION['tpass'];

        echo "welcome $tname to your controll panel<a href='profile.php'>go to your profile</a>";
           die('login failed');

    } }


the result in profile.php : welcome to your controll panel go to your profile
the problem is the variables $tname and $tpass do not stock any session in the login
help me please

Where does your session indexes get set as i don’t see them been set anywhere in the above code?

Maybe you got them transposed?

$_SESSION['tname'] = $tname = $uname;
$_SESSION['tpass'] = $tpass = $upass;

thank you
did not pay attention to this