session_start() ;
$_SESSION['mySession'] = 1 ;
echo '<a href="result.php">to result.php</a><br>' ;

I have the code above in setSession.php.
And the code below in result.php.

session_start() ;
echo $_SESSION['mySession'].' <br>' ;
echo session_cache_expire() ;

After I open the setSession.php, I open result.php.
It says like the following.

(Q1) What does it mean by 180?
(Q2) Is that mean "after 3 hours, 180minuts, the value of $_SESSION[‘mySession’] will be not “1”?
(Q3) How can I change the value from ‘180’ to ‘5’ for testing?
( I think I need shorter time for seeing testing result)

Normally the session time is set in the php.ini file. But you can also set the expire time for one session just putting a value in the


session_start() ;
session_cache_expire(2) ;

I made the code above in a page “expire.php” for killing the session 2 minutes later.
When I open the page above, it says the below.

How can I make the session is not active for working Session cache expiration correctly>

I like to remove the Waring above.

The free manual tells you exactly how to use it. Do you see what you are doing that is different than the manual says?

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