Server requirements for hosting apps

I’ve spent almost all morning reading stuff overhere. Excellent info!
I’m in the research stage of developing app and my question is related to server requirements/preparation to host/launch apps. I haven’t yet found threads/articles written about this so wanted to ask. Currently my company is using IIS/.asp/SQL Sever and outside I’m using Apache/.php/MySQL, so say if I’m at the point of launching apps [very very far away :slight_smile: ] for Iphone and Android, what do I need to do [know, prepare, install…] for my servers?

Many thanks for the input.

For android apps, all you need is a place to host the .apk file. Then a link to that file. Make sure IIS is setup to handle the file extension.

You can unfortunately not distribute you iPhone app through your own servers. Only through itunes. Unless the device is jailbroken. Then the same applies as android. Just use the .app file.

That being said, you would also add you app to the android market, as that is the biggest for of distribution for android

Many thanks for the inputs. Great to know!

You can distribute your own ios apps in certain cases - if you’re signed up to the enterprise developer program you can get a special certificate that allows deployment from your own servers over wifi. Only for large companies though.