Server Machine or High Performance PC

We are going to setup a server for our web development company. We have 15 to 20 staffs working on windows machines with loop back testing.

Now, our intention is to create server where all this staffs can do there works (PHP/MySql). The server is planned to be Linux based.

Now, my question is for this type of server-client setup what I should purchase ?

A branded server from IBM or HP or just a high performance PC with Core i7 etc ?

Please help me.

First, workflow-wise, you are typically better off having people develop locally then deploy to a central testing location. Everyone working on the same box is bad mojo for a few reasons. First, when someone messes up the box, no one can be working. Second, what if people are working on different parts of the project that aren’t working together well?

Insofar as the equipment goes, the main difference these days with server class chassis revolves around utter reliability through redundant systems and case designs for use in a rack. Ain’t much other difference beyond that.

For data related part, we can use Sub Versions and others.

I really need to know whether a high configuration system can help us more than costly server.

You missed the point – a high configuration machine and a server have largely the same operational characteristics. They process the same amounts of bytes given similar configurations. Server machines tend to have beefier, more reliabile subsystems and better support.

Ultimately the question revolves around how much downtime costs you and what risk you are willing to take.