Server Hardware Upgrade

I’m looking into upgrading from a server at ThePlanet to building my own. This would be a first. I’d prefer to get something that would last for a pretty long time, with some decent processing power. My budget is around $1,000-1,400.

What things should I look for, what things should I avoid?

I’ve looked around at a few sites but I don’t feel like I’ve stumbled onto the right fit.

I’m going to be using the server for a series of PHP/MySQL sites running Ubuntu Server.

Cloud setups are really the only way to fly these days if you don’t need the security of dedicated hardware. No need to build servers anymore . . .

I wonder if it’s worth considering a cloud solutions like those offered by The Planet or ~$120 is comparable to hardware costs + colo costs :x

I tried the VPS at the planet during their beta phase, it worked really well :slight_smile:

I’m in a particular position as you. A few things:

Need to set up RAID (Random Array of Independent Discs)…aka 2 or more hard drives.

Plenty of memory (6 gigs should last into the future)

i5 processor should suffice

Need an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) if the power goes out, you computer doesn’t. :slight_smile:

Half-way decent motherboard, nothing fancy, but support i5 processor.

Graphic card is not important, as it shouldn’t be your worry for just making a server. Inter-graded graphics on the MB will do.

Oh, and COOLING…COOLING…COOLING!! Need plenty of fans to keep your server from long-term damage on the hardware and over-heating!

I recommend you do your research on components and user reviews on the components at . Great starting place and it has helped me alot.

You will need to consider where you are going to host your new server too - for example you may purchase a server and find it has larger power requirements than your planned host allows at a practical price.