Server equipment!


Hello everyone ! I need all informations about how to equip a server rack. So,we have a project for a social network(social media profile,marketplaces,blogs,pages etc..ALL THIS THINGS ON ONE SITE ). I need a list with ALL i need to host a website with aprox 200.000 users online at once ! All equipment i need to set up a server (how many servers,how many firewalls,switchs,etc)...Please,a completly list with what i need to buy.
Thanks you !

Handle 20.000 users in same time

I wish it were that simple...


Do you think you will be able to install and maintain the equipment when you do not even know what to buy?

Also you expect somebody to work all this out for you free of charge?


I need only a list. I have budget,i have people who are able to install all of this...can somebody make a simple list with minimum equipment i neeed ? Please ?


Hello everyone. My question is if i can handle 20.000 people in same time with this items:
-HP Server 2x6cores,64GBRAM
-HP Server 2x6cores,64GBRAM
I have two servers..
-Netgear 24Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
-24Port Gigabit Ethernet managed switch

This is what i have now. What i need more to host a website (Social Network) with 20.000 visitors at once ?
Please,a short list with what you recommend me for handle all this people. Thank you!


Like a lot of questions, the answer is, it depends.

Maybe these blog posts will provide something helpful?


This is more an art than a science. There are really to many unknown factors.I think the right way to do this would probably be to buy one server and conduct load balancing tests on that server to create benchmark where performance degrades. You than take that number and divide it into 20K to approximate the number of servers and load balancers necessary.


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