Server Downtime - Intermitent problem

Hopefully this is the best forum section to post the problem otherwise please move to a more appropriate section,


Time: Fri Mar 12 21:15:30 2010 -0600
File: /tmp/
Reason: Suspicious directory
Action: No action taken


The above message (Filename and Owner renamed) is appearing in the error log files a couple of hundred times on a daily basis.

I would be grateful for an explanation to pinpoint whether the problem is with the Server Host Provider or something in my htaccess, PHP script, MySql database, HTML script, CSS file, etc

Have you deleted that directory and it comes back every day? Or is it just complaining about the same suspicious directory every day?

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

I have not deleted the directory.

I believe the directory is used by PHP to save a temporary thumbnail and also to store the temporary file uploads.

No, perl_install… directories are created when installing perl modules.

It’s going to complain about the same directory every day if you never remove it. So try removing it.

I’m not talking about /tmp itself, but /tmp/

The ISP is doing something to the server and the server is currently not available.

When it is available I will try deleting the sub-directory and report back.

Many thanks once again.